• • Up to 85% Efficiency
  • • 10 W Continuous Power
  • • Fast Dynamic Response
  • • Foreign Object Detection
  • • Up to 2kbps Data Transmission
  • • Low Standby Consumption
  • • Low EMI Emissions


  • • Handheld Devices
  • • Industrial Tools
  • • Medical Applications, Patient Monitoring


The exm module series provides easy to use plug and play solutions for high performance wireless power transmission between a power transmitter (Tx) and a power receiver (Rx). In combination with a proprietary data transmission channel, the series provides a fast regulation loop and the ability to transfer customer data in parallel. A LiIon charge function as well as a battery management system including a state of charge algorithm is available.

Compliance to global safety and EMC standards qualifies the series for worldwide markets.


exm10Tx24 - 24V Power Transmitter

exm10Rx4V2C - 4.2V Power Receiver with optinal Charge Functionality

exm10Rx8V4C - 8.4V Power Receiver with optinal Charge Functionality