Transmitter Tester


  • • All-in-One Manual Tester
  • • supports PMA (Power Matter Alliance)
  • • suited for test and development
  • • used by certified testing labs
  • • high flexibility
  • • easy to use interface
  • • calibration possible

Product Description

The etatronix Transmitter Tester is developed as an easy to use tool to allow manual testing of a wireless power transmitter according to a test procedure. The graphical user interface (GUI) allows the user to easily change the settings of the tester and test different scenarios, including a variation of modulation capacitors, modulation resistors as well as system loads without soldering. Each variation allows 256 different states and is possible on the fly. Additionally, the user can attach his own load to the output of the tester, allowing a test of the intended use case. To facilitate this further a programmable dc/dc converter is included giving the user the ability to set the required voltage level.

A large variety of settings allows testing of communication protocol correctness of the transmitter, checking if the transmitter is behaving as expected in case of valid or invalid transmitted data. Checking every operating point is possible as well, ensuring correct demodulation across the whole frequency band of the transmitter at different load stages. The high flexibility of these settings allows manipulation of data in almost every way, giving a developer a way to be confident about the product before certification.

A licensed extension to the GUI guides an operator through the compliance test procedure steps giving the ability to conduct a compliance test at the desk without having to worry about settings of the transmitter tester. This guided test procedure extension is giving instructions on how to perform a certain test and sets the appropriate values of the tester automatically.

For highly accurate readings of the transmitter tester a set of calibrated values is available, enabling high precision measurement.


User Manual