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Broadband Data Link

Broadband Data Link for Inductive Power Transfer Systems

During elec­tro­ni­ca 2014 in Munich, Creative Chips GmbH pre­sen­ted the result of a design stu­dy in which an induc­ti­ve, bidi­rec­tion­al data trans­fer with a band­width of up to 10Mbit/s has been rea­li­zed. The data trans­fer is in par­al­lel to the power trans­mis­si­on through the same coil sys­tem. The intro­du­ced method can be used for high speed cus­to­mer data trans­fer and  for the con­trol of dyna­mic power trans­mis­si­on sys­tems in all power ran­ges. Etatronix deve­lo­ped the com­pon­ents and the algo­rithm for the power transmission.

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