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Press release Q3/2022

etatronix develops inductive tablet system solution for Siemens CT scanners

etat­ro­nix, the spe­cia­list for customer-specific wire­less power trans­mis­si­on sys­tems for medi­cal, indus­tri­al and mea­su­re­ment tech­no­lo­gy based in Germany, deve­lo­ped the induc­ti­ve char­ging solu­ti­on for the mobi­le work­flow tablet of the Somatom X.cite com­pu­ter tomo­gra­phy line for Siemens Healthineers.

Both the elec­tro­nics and the requi­red pla­s­tic enclo­sure were new­ly deve­lo­ped by etat­ro­nix. The input is fed from 24VDC. At the out­put the­re is a USB Type‑C con­nec­tion with a varia­ble out­put vol­ta­ge (5V-20V) and a power of up to 60W. There is also a 15W ver­si­on available.

The power is trans­mit­ted wit­hout cont­act over a distance of up to 12.5mm. The effi­ci­en­cy rea­ches values of up to 92%. Customer-specific inter­faces (e.g. CAN) and par­al­lel data trans­mis­si­on are also available.

Particularly high demands were pla­ced on the magne­tic field limit values. As an exam­p­le, com­mon sys­tems mea­su­re the magne­tic field at a defi­ned distance of 20cm. Due to the fact that the user tou­ch­es the tablet, the magne­tic field has been redu­ced to such an ext­ent that it stays below com­mon limits also at the sur­face of the tablet-screen.

Another requi­re­ment for this turn­key task was glo­bal modu­le appr­oval, which pro­vi­des Siemens Healthineers the advan­ta­ge of a faci­li­ta­te mar­ket intro­duc­tion when used in seve­ral devices. The sys­tem com­pli­es with radio appr­ovals such as e.g. CE (RED), FCC and ICED to name a few.

In this pro­ject, etat­ro­nix sup­pli­es ever­y­thing from a sin­gle source. From deve­lo­p­ment to pro­to­ty­pes, glo­bal pro­duct appr­ovals, series pro­duc­tion and after-sales service.

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