Power Electronics and Motion Control 2010

Inductive power transmission system with stabilized output voltage using local primary-and secondary-side control

In this paper, a pri­ma­ry and secon­da­ry series com­pen­sa­ted induc­ti­ve power trans­mis­si­on sys­tem with primary-side zero pha­se ang­le con­trol and a loss-free clamp (LFC) cir­cuit on the secondary-side is descri­bed. The effects of non-synchronous tuning are ana­ly­zed and inten­det detu­ning is pro­po­sed to gua­ran­tee con­troll­a­bi­li­ty. The func­tion­al prin­ci­ple of the LFC cir­cuit, which is requi­red for out­put vol­ta­ge sta­bi­liza­ti­on over a wide load ran­ge and vary­ing magne­tic cou­pling, is explai­ned. Finally, theo­re­ti­cal results are veri­fied experimentally.

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